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I Cant Do Everything by WinDasH I Cant Do Everything by WinDasH
... I'm just going to say it Out Loud for once and for all.

:iconbluebottleflyer: I would love to Chat with you again. I Wish I Could comment on your Art. i read yours and all the comments I get even if I dont Reply on them.

:iconcheshirecatez: I Miss you alot. I Know I only get to talk to you once a Year or so, but I Think of you all the time, you're such a Cool Guy, and I Really hope you and your Cat, Eyeball are doing great. I Miss you.

:iconcirruskitfox: I Cant Thank you enough for everything you've teachen me. I'd love to meet you one day but I dont Cant do it right now. I'm Really looking forward for it though. Thank you so much again.

:iconczyrek: It's been ages since I wanted to finish that pixel Icon I wanted to do for you but I never manage to find the time or enthusiasm to finish it. I also miss you and I wish I talked more to you. i'm sorry.

:iconfoxxie-creations: I miss you So Much you wouldnt belive it. you're the first person I ever got to talk to in english with VOICE. you've given and shown me so much. I really miss talking to you, And I Hope to meet you one day. I think of you so much, I hope your DJ Adventures are going Awsome.

:icongrion: I Loved that chat we had a few days ago. I miss you, and I was so happy to be able to talk to you again. i am so sorry to not be online as much as I'd like to. i'm sorry.. I'm going to make you a HUGE gift art one of these days. I Promise. Thank you so much for Everything.

:iconhozzaah: ... I wanted to record that Test Gameplay from your first person Shouter since Ages. Its still in my Head but I never get the time to Actually do it. i'm sorry. i Really hope Everything is going Great to you. I Miss you, and Talking to you is so much fun. you are Super Inspiring and made of so so so much WIN. I wish you all the Very Best! and I hope to talk to ya soon.

:iconjazdude: I'm Sorry to not be online as much as I always say I Will. I have so much Stuff to Do. and so Little Time to do it. i'm Really Sorry. I'll get back to you soon. I hope you and Skye are doing Great.

:iconjonnyamax: I think of you from time to time, and I'm always happy to see that you still draw. I'm really sorry not to have appeared in Years. Thank you so much for everything. and I hope everything is going great to you.

:iconkillitwithlemons: / :iconwolfsquad: Te Hecho un monton de menos, y la verdad es que debería decirte "hola" mucho mas a menudo. Pienso mucho en ti y en aquella vez que me visitaste... Espero que todo te vaya genial y que algun dia nos volvamos a ver... Muchíssimas uerte con todo.. me encanto ese Oso polar de coca cola que hiciste hace nada...!

:iconkroobie: what can I say..? I Miss chatting with you so much. you're so Fun, and you ALWAYS Cheer me up so much. I Love your Art, It always inspires me so much. And I'm so Thankful to god, life and everything that you're always Still around. Thank you so much for Everything. best luck with Life and EVERYTHING!! KEEP ROCKING ON, YO!!

:iconmalamiteltd: I might not comment at you at all, but I still check out your submissions here and there. I Laughed SO HARD at your "metal gear solid psychic powers" Parody comic. and More. You make Hilarious stuff. Keep up the good work!

:iconmenetheal: I Havent talked to you since Years... but I still remember you vividly.. I Miss you.

:iconmurkrowzy: I Really Wish I chatted with you more often. I Never find the time to Watch your AnthroCon videos, and I wish I could skype more often with you. You're super Fun to Talk to... and I Think you should post all those pencil doodles if you can, cause they're AWSOME!!!! and so FUNNY!
Thank you so so so so so MUCH for Absolutely EVERYTHING. Specially for the Very first comment... That Triggered My Enthusiasm for Art, and for My character, for The Journey... and For Being such an amazing Person.

:iconnumen-lab: Ya veo que andas ocupada con el cole. xD
Siento mucho estar tan callado desde hace mas de un año... la culpa es mia. x3 ... acabé muy muy mal el año en el que estuve. y Hando muy ocupado... Pero espero que a todos vosotros os este yendo, y os haya ido genial.

:iconquiroga: Tengo que hablarte mas, siempre se me pasa, y nunca podré agradecerte lo suficiente todo lo quer me has enseñado, siempre me hiciste reir un montón. Y eres ua gran persona. =) ... siento no estar online tanto como solía.

:iconresafandrab: I still have in mind My Quest to Search the Telephone Insulator. I'll eventually find the time to do it. I Promise I Will. I also wish I could draw you an ACTUAL PICTURE of Res... I also would love to talk to you more often. I love talking to you. And I Really hope you and your Cats are Having a Great Summer. <3

:iconrj-pilot: You are Awsome.
I Wish, and I Really hope and would love to get to talk to you one day.... i'm Really sory to never be Around... I Love your Sense of Humor and Cheerfulness. Thank you so much for all the kind comments.

:icontigroso: Hace mucho tiempo que no te veo... pero la verdad esque a penas estoy online... espero que te esté yendo todo genial! ahún peindo en ti de vez en cuando, yun. Mucha Suerte Con todo!!

:icontraxer: I Miss talking to you so much aswell. It's been ages... I Really hope one day We Can have a Fun OC, and even someday Meet ya or sumthing... I've always admired your Inmense Enthusiasm to Draw and draw and draw with non stop... you still Have the comic running and it's been almost 2 YEARS. ONLY for that, I already consider you a better Artist than myself. I am Amazed and I Really hope one day I Can Achieve that Goal aswell.
Thank you so much for All the kidness you've Shown towards me, and everybody. Best wishes, Cheers! and may The Fluff Be With you! <3

:iconuainesionnach: I Still have in mind that picture I have to finish for you. I love talking to ya, and I'm so sorry to not be on as often as I should. Thank you so very much for absolutely all the help and happyness you have always given me... and I really hope we get to play sum moar games together sometime. >:3
Seriously, Thank you. so much. <3

:iconvash-la-estampida: por Suerte a ti ya Te Hablo a Veces, y te juro que seguirá siendo asi. No volveré a desaparecer. x xU . Ya Lo SÉ DEBERIA ESTAR MAS ONLINE.... Lo siento... X_x
A parte de eso... nunca podré agradecerte las risas y sonrisas que me sacas.... siempre me haces reir y me pones de buen humor con tus sarcasmos y "Teasing". xD . muchas Gracias por La inmensa Paciencia y tu amabilidad, Neko. =)

:iconvincentwolf: Thank you so VERY MUCH for all The Tips, Tricks, Lessons, Chats, doodles and Absolutely Everything I've had with you.. i've learned so much from you, you're super Fun to talk to, and you're way too kind to me...
I'm sorry if sometimes i'm silent, or i'm not online often... but I Trully Really love your Company and Really Appreciate Everything you do for me. Thanks for all your Sharing and company.

:iconvioletvampirevixen: I MISS YOU. I've seen you post art on FA and i'm SUPER GLAD you're still up and Active with Art. i love your Style, it's so Adorable! <3
I Understand that you might have Left DA.. It's not like it Used to...
That Aside... I Extremely Appreciate Everything.... everything everything you have done for me.. the fanarts, the comments, the kindness.... You're So Awsome, Fun, And I'm looking forward to talk to ya again. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!


There might be people i havent mentioned... more people... so much more people I Think about and Want to Thank. Such as Dovi, Dani, My clas from 11th Grade... and alot of people in RL Who I havent seen in so long...

I'm sorry if I Havent mentioned you.

... But I Cant do everything... I have to learn to Live with This in my mind... I'll do My Best, but I'm going to learn how to Manage my mind, energy, Time, effort and Attention with each and everyone.

If I am silent for someone for a long while... or forever... I hope you wont think That I'm ignoring you....

I always try to think of everyone when I can. I have a good memory... but I am not too good at keeping track of many people, or multitasking. I apologise for that.

but wherever those people might be (whoever hasnt read this)... i Really hope everything is working out for them...

Anyway.. i'll see you around... if you wonder about me, I feel much better...

This pic is only a Reminder of what I've Been feeling for Such a LOOOOOng time... I hope I'll get over it eventually though.

See you around hopefully! Take Care!


WinDasH / [Nöé]
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July 11, 2012
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